How To Recover Hotmail Forgot Password – Reset Password

Hotmail Forgot Password:  So, you forgot your Hotmail password? Now, you have to send an important mail using that particular email account, but you can’t now as you forgot the password. What to do now? Creating another Hotmail id? Probably, that’s not the actual solution to this problem. Yes! The solution is to recover that Hotmail account back by re-setting the password. ‘But, I don’t have any idea about it, so how do I get my new password?’

There is a solution and it’s really pretty simple. You do not need to worry at all. When there is the internet with you, you don’t need to go to the other for any help. There is nothing in this world, whose information you can’t get from the internet. Millions of bloggers like me are always ready to help peoples like you who face difficulty in doing anything. So, that means you will get the necessary help from internet. But, sometimes with every genuine information, you might have found some websites which confuse you. So, in that case, you need to be careful.


Here, our topic is how to recover Hotmail Forgot Password. Before I tell you the steps to recover Forgot Hotmail Password, I would like to tell you something. Keep reading.

 Possible Reasons why we can’t access to our email account:

The possible reasons that why we can’t access to our email say Hotmail account is-

  • We forgot the password that we set previously and it’s very normal reason. Nothing so much worries about it.
  • Second reason could be, we share the password with our friends or someone else and intentionally or non-intentionally that person changes the password.
  • And the third reason is your Hotmail account may get hacked by the hackers.

The reason that is why I put these things here is to keep you aware about the safety of your Hotmail account.

Hotmail is one of the best email service providers and it is maintained by the tech giant ‘Microsoft’. We all heard about it. Now, the name Hotmail is changes to Outlook and it’s called Microsoft Outlook. Both are same. But, people uses the earlier name as it is popular with that. So, the main concern is to keep your Hotmail account safe and secure.

But, the question is, what are the necessary things that one need to follow to keep his / her Hotmail account safe? Here, in this post I am going to share with you some tips that you should follow while dealing with email.

How to keep your Hotmail account safe?

Email is the most important thing in these days that we all are used to send and receive any important document or other purposes. Also, an email account has become your identity on World Wide Web. So, you need to keep this identity safe and secure. But, the question is how? Here’s the answer.


  • Use a strong password which is hard to guess by other and tough to decode. It is the only best way to keep your Hotmail account safe and secure. You have to set a password which others can’t guess but you can remember easily. Normally you can set a password in between 8-32 characters. So, choose your passwords in between this given length.
  • To make your password more strong, you can use the combination of alphabets and numbers. Also, use Upper case and Lower case letters for better safety.
  • Do not use your mobile number or birth date as a password. It can be easy to guess for the people who know you and there is a chance of getting your Hotmail account compromised. So, try to avoid this combination.
  • Do not share your Hotmail account information like password with anyone. There is a high chance of getting misuse of your accounts. So, always keep your password with yourselves only.
  • Sometimes, you might receive some emails which asking your personal information like name, passwords etc. Never reply to such kind of emails. It is called phishing, they are the hackers who try to steal your personal information and misuse it for illegal activities.
  • You set a strong password so that others can’t decode it, but what, if you forgot Hotmail password by yourselves? In that case, you need to follow some simple steps, which I discussed below.
  • Always use an anti-virus program on your laptop and mobile phones. They can protect your device not only from viruses but also from another type of threats.
  • Keep the mobile number always updated which you gave during the Hotmail account signup process. It is most important.
  • And keep updating your passwords after sometimes, that means don’t use the same password for a long time. Keep it updated regularly.
  • Do not forget to sign out of your Hotmail account whenever you use any computer or mobile phone other than yours.

So, these are some important safety tips for your Hotmail account. Now, we move on the topic, how to recover Forgot Hotmail Password.

How to Recover Hotmail Forgot Password:

To recover Hotmail Forgot password, what you need to do is reset the old password. Follow the simple steps now.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Outlook home page. And then click on Reset Your Password Page.
  2. Now click Next and select the preferable reason why you need to Reset your password. Here, select I forgot my password option.
  3. Now, you need to enter the secondary email id which you provided while creating this Hotmail account.
  4. Now, enter the captcha code which is visible on your screen. You need to enter this code as a proof that you are a human being, not a robot.
  5. After successfully entering the secondary email address, you will receive an email on that email account from the Microsoft Outlook team. Going through this link you can reset your Hotmail account and easily access it.

That’s the simple solution of Hotmail Forgot Password. In this way, you will get your Hotmail account back and do your important work. Hope this simple and short tutorial will help you.

Now you can easily get back your Hotmail password if by chance you forgot it and always try to follow the safety tips to keep your Hotmail account safe and secure.